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Plaster Bust Collection -
A 21st century re-interpretation of the historical portrait bust.

The collection is a contemporary response to the traditionally sculpted figurative statues and busts of the 18th and 19th centuries, but rather than sculpting in clay or stone, the busts are made by direct casting from real things.

To construct the original sculpture from which the plaster casts are taken, I first ‘collage’ together all kinds of materials and found objects – fabrics, haberdashery, model buildings and vehicles, plastic packaging, corrugated card, paper, electrical and plumbing parts and much else. The plaster casts made from these originals pick up an amazing amount of texture and detail giving the sculptures a strange air of realism.

The idea of placing architectural monuments, iconic landmarks and random objects on the headdresses was inspired by the intriguing 18th century fad of decorating hats with very large scale, incongruous objects - famously Marie Antoinette adorned a hat with a huge ship in full sail.


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Read essay by Hettie Judah:
Kathy Dalwood's Plaster Busts












Secret Society Banquet Exhibitions
featuring the Plaster Bust Collection

  Pitzhanger Manor, London          Holburne Museum, Bath

St Edmund Church, City of London        Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire


Film: Secret Society


 Film: High Roller & Friends


    Six large busts in limited editions of 20 each (square plinths)
Tomcat     height: 59cms






                  Speed Freak     height: 60cms




                      Statsminister     height: 53cms




       Tank Girl     height: 55cms




             Bookworm    height: 50cms






          Astronaut    height: 52cms



     Architect    height: 41cms     limited edition of 20



              The following busts are in open editions


            Librarian    height: 39cms

         The following busts are in open editions unless otherwise stated

    Lady Manhattan   height 40cms


            Infanta height 37cms




  Josephine & Mme Sacre Coeur
      Art Lover      height: 39cms


     The following two busts were commissioned by and available exclusively through
     Sanayi 313 Istanbul, Turkey
     Read about the commission on the blog

     Turkish Girl      height 46cms     limited edition of 10

            Other Turkish Girl      height 46cms          limited edition of 10
     Available exclusively through Sanayi 313 Istanbul, Turkey

         Berliner    height: 40cms



      High Roller     height: 42cms


Plaster busts featured at a Louis Vuitton launch event, designed by Fiona Leahy
  Lafayette         height 44cms / 17"



  Above and below: Busts featured in Tricia Guild's book 'Colour'                    photo
 James Merrell     
L'ingénieure       height 44cms






   Bricklayer + Tank Girl
 Etoile        height 33cms / 13"


The Masked Raiders         
Zoro               height 33cms / 13"
Lone Ranger             height 33cms / 13"


 Busts at fashion store
Tally Weijl Vienna        commissioned by Michael Howells
Bricklayer         height 37cms / 14.5"
 Mme Maigret          height 30cms / 12"



Josephine         height 34cms / 13.5"



 Gallileo       height 35cms / 14"


  Miss London Town
        height 32cms / 11"

Created especially to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics:-
Miss Get-set-go       height 34cms / 13"


Maestro         height 25cms / 10"
The Gold Digger          height 32cms / 13"
Demoiselle D           height 28cms / 11"
  Highwayman's Girl               height 28cms / 11"

Aviatrix             height 29cms / 11.5"

Mamselle Chateau                 height 29cms / 11.5"


Plaster busts featured at a Louis Vuitton launch event, designed by Fiona Leahy




Miss Chattanooga  

Tower Bridge Dragoon               height 37cms / 14.5"


Plaster busts featured at a Louis Vuitton launch event, designed by Fiona Leahy
                                 see more press
Ms Shakespeare                         height 26cms / 12"
La Cavaliere                         height 32cms / 13"

Madame Sacre Coeur                       height 35cms / 14"


Madame Fruits              height 22cms / 8.5"
Miss Grape                                height 27cms / 13.5"

outdoor photography by Adelina Mocanu
             1                  2                 3                  4                     5                   6                       7                   8                9                   10         
             11                      12                    13                    14                  15                  16               17                18                  19           
      20                21                  22                    23                24                     25                   26                27                     28
        29                       30                       31                   32                               33                       34                    35                  36               
         37                   38                   39

1    Highwayman's Girl
2    Miss Grape
3    Rodin Girl
4    Madame Sacre Coeur
5    Miss Tassel Hat
6    Madame Fruits
7    La Cavaliere
8    Tower Bridge Dragoon
9    Mamselle Chateau
10   Ms Shakespeare
11   Demoiselle D
12   Aviatrix
13   Gold Digger
14   Maestro
15   Mme Maigret

16   Gallileo
17   Josephine
18   Miss London Town
19   Miss Get-set-go
20   Bricklayer
21   Lafayette
22   Etoile
23   Zoro
24   Lone Ranger
25   Architect (edition of 20)
26   Berliner
27   High Roller
28   Infanta
29   Astronaut (edition of 20)
30   Bookworm  (edition of 20)
31   Tank Girl (edition of 20)
32   Tomcat    (edition of 20)
33   Statsminister (edition of 20)
34   Speed Freak (edition of 20)
35   Art Lover
36   L'ingenieure
37   Lady Manhattan
38   Librarian
39   Tukish Girls (editions of 10)

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