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  urn sculptures

design concept

The urn sculptures are a contemporary re-invention of the classical urn-on-plinth. Instead of traditional stonework, the flattened forms are cast in industrial grey or white concrete giving the sculptures an edgy, modern twist. The surface imagery has architectural references - particularly the voluptuous garlands and swag and drop detail of 18th century facades which, instead of being sculpted, are indented on a perfectly flat surface. Uniting baroque-style decoration with hardcore concrete creates an interesting and ironic juxtaposition.



Outdoors: Traditionally, urns were often sited on parapets or in landscaped parkland more for their sculptural qualities than as a plant containers. These solid contemporary 'urns' play a similar role in the modern garden, providing interesting focal detail in all kinds of outdoor spaces - whether glimpsed though foliage or perched on balconies or plinths where they can be viewed at eye-level.

Indoors: The urn sculptures are equally effective in interior settings and their small scale makes them perfect for mantlepieces or consoles.

material + dimensions The sculptures are individually hand cast in frost-proof concrete. Heights are 24cms and 32 cms.

commissions Urns can be commissioned in different sizes and shapes. On a larger scale, the sculptures could be incorporated into supports for seating or tables.


                           drop urn                                         grape urn                                       swag urn                        


                                           swag + drop urn                                        curl urn


                            acanthus urn 1                              acanthus urn 2                                  garland urn

: 24 & 32cms excluding plinths


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