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architectural friezes
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Introducing the collection

This on-going collection was conceived as a contemporary alternative to traditional ornamental plasterwork and external relief decoration.

Architectural friezes and decorative plasterwork have been used to embellish the facades of buildings and to introduce a relief decorative element to interiors since classical times. The motifs in these collections refer at times to imagery characteristic of the architecture of the past – from the Baroque to the Modernist movements – but distinctively and in contrast to traditional sculpted reliefs, the motifs are indented to the surface.

A further unique feature in these contemporary designs is that the imagery is often created from direct casting from real-life objects and materials.

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to see the friezes in architectural and landscape settings click:

swag-drape frieze



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tudor frieze       for larger image click here        




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 tassel friezes




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 motif collection           individual wall sculptures or friezes                              (cast directly from real objects)

   scissors, fruit
    fruit, leaf


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                        about the friezes


Friezes are made up of individual tiles so any length can be specified


As wall sculptures or
In long friezes a
s an alternative to traditional ornamental plasterwork

On rendered or brick walls
In gardens, roof terraces and on buildings
s large scale wall-based installations to complement existing architecture such as this recent public sculpture commission     click image

The designs illustrated are part of an on-going collection to which more are added as the ideas evolve.
If you are looking to identify wall friezes or tiles within a specific theme get in touch to discuss your project.

Contact Kathy Dalwood to discuss commissions or order tiles + friezes


size, materials & colour


Tiles illustrated are 30cms sq
Other sizes can be made to commission
Very large scale friezes in all materials listed below can be commissioned


Fine casting plaster which has a beautiful and timeless quality

Special hard plasters if the friezes are to be sited in a vulnerable position

GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) - plaster with a fiberglass base. It is very durable and lightweight

Jesmonite - a plaster look-alike material, extremely hard and light and can be colour matched.


A special Jesmonite is also available for exterior application

Concrete - frost-proofed and water-proofed for exterior use

GRC (glass reinforced concrete) which is strong but much lighter than regular concrete.


Plaster:      white
Concrete:   white or grey
Jesmonite & GRC:       white, grey or colour matched


Tiles can be plastered, glued, cemented to or hung on the wall

swag-drape frieze + tassel frieze
design concept

The collections evolved with reference to both 18th century and modernist architecture where relief surface motifs were often applied to building facades. They combine associations with the Baroque, through the use of figurative imagery, with a sense of starkness and austerity typical of modernist and some contemporary architecture.

The striking sculptural quality of the friezes is achieved by casting directly from real swags of taffeta and actual silk tassels. This gives the imagery an edge of raw realism as well as producing an unexpected inversion. The transposition of delicate, fluid silk fabric into austere, hard plaster or concrete also creates an intriguing contrast, enhanced by the placement of quite complex detail within flat, bare surfaces.

The friezes are composed of individual tiles which can be placed in any order to create a continuous undulating sequence. The slight misalignment at the junctions between motifs brings an element of unpredictability and friction within the overall context of twisting movement.

The sculpted detail can be brilliantly defined by the play of light and shadow so offers excellent opportunities to work with dramatic lighting effects.




           garden settings courtesy of   my landscapes                                                                                                                    top          


baroque tile & urn sculpture                                   concrete figurine & baroque tile

tassel tile,                                                                              concrete figurine                                                + urn sculpture

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