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The Secret Society - a Ballroom Banquet

by Kathy Dalwood
Holburne Museum, Bath
Spring 2014

Holburne Museum  

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Holburne Museum

About the Ballroom Banquet

The ‘Secret Society Ballroom Banquet’ is a contemporary intervention in an historic setting providing a kind of ‘live event’ for the Plaster Busts collection.
Everything one would expect at a luxurious banquet is invitingly displayed along the length of a massive dining table - cascading fruits, piles of exotic shell-fish, magnificent multi-tiered cakes, and decanters of wine, set off by voluptuous bouquets of flowers.
Although at a glance glamorous and luxurious, in fact all the banquet objects are cheap, every-day items dipped in plaster.


Collected from charity shops, pound shops, flea markets and from the recycle bin, plastic flowers, fruit and cutlery, beer cans, paper plates, charity shop glasses, discarded packaging including take-away cups and burger boxes, chocolate boxes and cigarette packets all gather a sense of sophistication and opulence when uniformly coated in bright, white plaster. This ‘anti-luxe’ reflects one of the key concepts behind the plaster busts themselves, being constructed from waste and found materials of low intrinsic value.


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